Case Bose 2022 Collab Abalone Old Dog

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W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company has prepared a special offering as a grand finale to its collaborative Case® x Bose® knife series that began more than two decades ago. The Case® x Tony Bose® Old Dog is a modified Medium Texas Toothpick design that bears many of the same features found in previous collaborations; a wire cut Stainless 154-CM flat taper steel blade with meticulous swedging along the spine, elegant satin finished steel bolsters, wire cut covers for a near perfect fit with the bolsters, machine milled liners for improved performance and a satin finished bomb-shaped steel shield that is pinned on to the frame. The Old Dog will be available in six different handle styles with Stainless 154-CM blades and a Dark Molasses Bone version with a Carbon Damascus steel blade. This series is limited to no more than 1000 pieces. Old Dog is a name in the knife industry that is attributed to legendary custom knife maker, Tony Bose, whose storied career ended last year with Tony's unexpected passing. Tony was never satisfied with the knives he created. This was especially the case with the Old Dog, a pattern modeled after an antique Medium Toothpick design he had been tinkering with for some time. It was, however, the only knife left in the special section of the Case XX Vault where Tony's prototypes for future collaborations were stored. This offering represents the last of a legacy shared by an iconic knife manufacturer and one of the most influential knife designers of the 21st century. As with all natural material color and texture may vary. Made in the USA.

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