FIRST DEFENSE 1.3% MK-3 360 Gel OC Aerosol

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Professional Grade Less Lethal Defense

Defense Technology works closely with Law Enforcement and the US Military to design and manufacture innovative less lethal solutions to counter ever-evolving threats. They develop cutting-edge technology and are committed to manufacturing the safest possible products. Their First Defense product line offers a complete range of aerosols in varying intensity levels that are trusted by law enforcement and corrections officers.

The MK-3 is an ideal size for patrol officers to wear on a duty belt and will deliver 10-12 short bursts of OC at an effective range of 10-12 ft. This 1.3% MC OC aerosol product features a 360° gel delivery method which allows the aerosol projector to disperse OC from any angle while providing a target-specific, strong concentrated gel stream for greater standoff and reduced cross contamination.

First Defense 1.3% MK-3 360 Gel OC Aerosol Specifications and Features:

  • Defense Technology Item # 56531
  • Capsaicinoid Content: 1.3%
  • Delivery System: 360 Gel
  • Net Weight: 1.3 oz
  • Compressed Air Propellant
  • Delivers 11-12 short bursts of OC at an effective range of 10-12 feet
  • Height: 4.35"
  • Diameter: 1.5"
  • Non-Flammable and EDW Safe

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