Loma Creek Pocket Knife and Survival Kit

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  • Perfect first pocket knife for boys and girls. This knife is designed for cub scouts, boy scouts, girl scouts, and any other kid who wants to spend time in the outdoors. It’s as sharp as any other pocket knife (dull knives are dangerous), but it contains special features and extras just for kids.  
  • Stays locked when opened. Most swiss army knives have blades that don’t lock, and it can be scary for kids when the blade folds in unexpectedly. The Loma Creek knife stays locked once it is opened, so it doesn’t move in ways kids don’t expect. 
  • Easy to close. Most locking pocket knives are notoriously difficult to close, especially for kids with smaller fingers that are not as strong. The Loma Creek pocket knife has a special button kids can press to unlock the knife from its locked position, so they can close it safely and easily.   
  • Included carrying case. The pocket knife comes in a sturdy nylon carry pouch that keeps the knife and the included tools close at hand. 
  • Includes lots of extras: Kit includes flint & steel, survival whistle, and jack of all trades card tool. Use the flint & steel to teach your kid how to start a fire when matches aren’t available. The survival whistle can help them alert others if they are lost. Also includes an 11-function multi tool. 
  • Great for adults, too. Kids aren’t the only ones who have trouble closing pocket knives - lots of adults do, too. While we designed this knife for kids, there’s no reason an adult can’t enjoy it just as much, as it’s a standard size of 6” when extended.  

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